Muesli – A Natural Snack


A cereal made of oats, fruits and nuts, muesli is an ideal breakfast and snack food. It provides energy used for all your daily pursuits, fiber for healthy digestion, vitamins for the body’s important biochemical processes and protein for the maintenance of body tissue.

Originating in Switzerland, it takes its name from “mush” or “soft food” in German. Muesli is widely obtainable in packaged form, but it is simple to craft at home, where you maintain control over ingredients. Using fresh, organic, fresh fruits, nuts and grains is important. Fresh fruits of course, supply the highest quality vitamins in the main amounts.

Organically grown foods insure that you don’t ingest toxins from the pesticides still commonly used in crop growing. Muesli, with it’s combination of foods, creates a complete protein, supplying a full complement of essential amino acids the body needs.

All together, the simple, humble ingredients in muesli supply cost effective and thorough sustenance to please the palate.

Beneficial Effect: Muesli made with organic, fresh ingredients supplies essential vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates and fruit sugars for energy; insoluble fiber for healthy digestion, soluble fiber for lowering cholesterol, complete protein, and essential fatty acids.

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