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How to Choose an Architect

A great architect can turn your dream into reality, however, it is about finding the architect that can do this for you.

Sydney’s Post Pandemic Summer Event Season Is Shaping Up To Be The Most Vibrant...

In exclusive interviews with The City Weekly, Sydney event and party hire operators have confirmed that the city has broken out of the pandemic period and it’s...

Office Carpet Cleaning Can Help Prevent Employee Sickness

This year, business owners are advised to take extra care with the cleanliness of their carpets to prevent spread of flu and other harmful bacteria.

You Are Wanting A Mortgage?

So, you are looking for a house mortgage? Facing a financial crisis and the only collateral property you own is your house? In both scenarios, you need...

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How to Choose an Architect

A great architect can turn your dream into reality, however, it is about finding the architect that can do this for...

Sydney’s Post Pandemic Summer Event Season Is Shaping Up To Be...

In exclusive interviews with The City Weekly, Sydney event and party hire operators have confirmed that the city has broken out of...

Office Carpet Cleaning Can Help Prevent Employee Sickness

This year, business owners are advised to take extra care with the cleanliness of their carpets to prevent spread of flu and...

You Are Wanting A Mortgage?

So, you are looking for a house mortgage? Facing a financial crisis and the only collateral property you own is your house?...

What Size of Home Removalist Truck Do I Need For My...

Our team came across this article written by 2 Easy Removals, leading removalists Perth business and home owners trust and they have...

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How to Choose an Architect

A great architect can turn your dream into reality, however, it is about finding the architect that can do this for you.

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Loving an architect’s past work is not the only consideration when choosing one to renovate your home or new building project. There are other just as important factors to consider also. Things like qualifications, experience, integration of style and if you could work comfortably together throughout the journey.

Here are some tips where to look for a great architect, what to ask, and how to go about choosing the right one for your project.

One or two of the biggest mistakes people make when selecting an architect are these:

Not choosing an architect who is compatible with their needs. If you are passionate about contemporary architecture and they are not will be a problem. There will be clashes of views for sure.

Opting for the cheapest fee when choosing an architect. You need to compare apples with apples, like are they actually producing the same service?

Don’t underestimate the amount of work involved in the contract documentation. To get an idea of the level of detail required, ask your architect to show you a previous client’s set of working drawings and specifications. Then compare them with what is shown by other architects you are considering. Its worth noting here that it is not worth the risk to save money on an architect’s fees by carrying out the contract administration and managing the on-site part of the job yourself. Nine times out of ten it’s a very expensive learning experience all in the endeavour to save a few dollars.

Make sure you chose an architect that has proven experience, not only in the design process, but also overseeing the project during construction. They will act as your agent during the build to answer all the builder’s queries, issue instructions on variations needed or that you may want changed, and making sure you get the finished building that was designed in the approved plans.

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Who should you ask for recommendations?

Family, friends or work colleagues who have previously used an architect is a good starting point, as they have first hand experience of them and you trust their thoughts if you are asking them.  You can also look up The Royal Australian Institute of Architects register of professions in good standing with them.

It’s also important to not choose the architect who tells you they can build to your project to budget, when every other architect or quantity surveyor has told you it cannot be done.

When interviewing a prospective architect, ask them to clearly state the boundaries of their expertise and what is and isn’t included in their fees. Your budget should include an allowance for additional contingency amount for expenses such as permit fees and other consultants’ fees.

In the final stage of your selection process, we strongly recommend that you ask for referees you can contact that have done similar projects that you are doing. This should also include builders and other consultants such as structural and civil engineers. You’ll be able to gauge by their feedback if the architect is capable of providing the standard of design and oversight that you are looking for.

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What should you look for on an architect’s website?

The description of services they offer is a good starting point.

If you have a particular style in mind, see if the architect’s work aligns with your vision.

Make sure the architect has the ability to delivering what you want. For example, if you want a brand new home, don’t choose an architect who specialises in clubs and retail complexes

Read testimonials and references online and check the reviews on their Google my Business listing.

See if you can ascertain whether their work is built to budget, or if there is a common theme running through their portfolio and referees that their final design was too expensive to build and had to be cut back.

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The Australian blogging team have had personal experience with The Quinlan Group, Architects Sydney Residents trust. They have extensive experience and awards in residential home design. To learn more about them visit their website here:

The Basics Of Home Carpet Cleaning

Many people enjoy the soft and warm feeling of having carpet cover their floors. Unfortunately, the drawback that comes with carpet has always been how difficult it can be to keep clean. People used to only have brooms to keep their carpets clean, but as you can imagine, this was not very effective. Even after the vacuum cleaner was invented, people still wanted a better way to keep their carpets squeaky clean. That was when commercial carpet cleaners started to appear on the market. This invention gave businesses and homeowners the carpeting cleaning they so desired.

Their origins of handheld carpet cleaners dated back to around the 1860s. Most people saw this invention as revolutionary because it made carpet cleaning substantially easier. While these original models only sucked up dirt and dust, soon cleaners started to use steam and water to kill bacteria and parasites as well as remove deep stains.
As more complex machines started coming out on the market, the rise of carpet cleaning services began. High powered machines allowed these companies to offer superior carpet cleanings. There are several different methods that these companies can use to clean your carpet. Whatever method they use, you can be sure that these services are the best way to ensure that your carpet will be completely cleaned.
Dry methods are similar to vacuuming your carpet. This method is usually fast, but not as effective on tough stains. Usually a dry foam is put on the carpet and then sucked up by a machine similar to a vacuum cleaner. While this works a lot of the time, as mentioned, it will not help on really bad stains. One good thing about this method is it is relatively inexpensive, so if your carpet is not too dirty, this method should be sufficient.
For the most part, hot water extraction is considered the most effective carpet cleaning method. It has more lifting power than dry methods, so even the worst stains can be removed. Now, just because this method has the ability to clean deep, doesn't mean that you should go right to this method. Generally, carpet cleaning services reserve this method for carpets with heavy stains such wine, pet stains, and blood. Typically, hot water extraction is totally not necessary for carpets with light stains. Check out more by clicking here:  Carpet Cleaning Sydney.
Keeping a clean carpet generally requires you to schedule annual cleanings. To keep your carpets from collecting too much dirt, you should also keep up with daily vacuuming. You might be tempted to go with the most intense carpeting cleaning methods, but a good company will tell you this can diminish the life of your carpet in the long run. Because carpet cleaning companies use chemicals to clean your carpet, you should always be aware of what method they are going to use. The best way to achieve a flawless carpet is to hire a quality carpet cleaning service.

Strong Demand Confirmed For Deicorp's 'The Anders' Apartments

In an exclusive interview with Blog Chicks, the sales team at The Anders Ashfield confirmed the strong demand for apartments in this high quality Deicorp designed and built project.

The Anders is just one of several current projects Sydney based Deicorp is delivering across the city at this time. They are family-owned and since 1999 have been recognised as the hallmark of Sydney property developers. Delivering high quality mixed-use, residential apartments, commercial and retail projects in 40 suburbs across Sydney.

Deicorp developed properties help build communities. Clever, connected, affordable and accessible, a Deicorp residence is a smart choice for singles, couples, growing families, downsizers, and astute investors. The Anders is one of these.

Fouad Deiri OAM, Founder and Chairman of Deicorp, said this when interviewed by Metro Cities Media, “We are delighted with the strong early interest in The Anders. Recent 'off the plan' apartments for sale that have sold vindicate our confidence in the design, location and suitability of the complex to meet the needs of all future residents. Home buyers and smart investors are purchasing units and taking advantage of an undersupply of new apartments across Sydney”

Deicorp is award winning and committed to providing confidence and peace of mind for every purchaser by delivering a complete end-to-end service. From their superior site selection to extensive expertise in design and construction. Their sales and customer-focused service, and after-sales support, ensures purchasers a first class experience every step of the way

About The Anders Ashfield

The Anders’ offers a new calibre of modern luxury and architectural ingenuity, A unique visual composition is enhanced by carefully selected materials and oasis-like common areas. The breath-taking rooftop garden is a perfect backdrop for sunset drinks and evenings of entertainment, whilst the lush courtyard is an ideal setting for weekend barbecues with family and friends.

Learn more about The Anders Ashfield by visiting our website here:

Deicorp are dynamic property developers with a current book of Sydney projects includes not only the The Anders at Ashfield but Tallawong Village at Rouse Hill, The Ashford at Castle Hill, Proximity Rouse Hill, Downtown at Zetland, The Banks at Rockdale and Highline at Westmead.

Media Contact

Company: The Anders Ashfield

Contact Name: Kara Napper


Phone: +61-1300-104-751

Address: 220 Liverpool Street Ashfield, Sydney, NSW 2216, Australia


Leading Australian Blogger Features Celebrating David Bowie App

In an exclusive interview with Eleven Media, Australian lifestyle blogging site Blog Chicks confirmed their May feature on the Celebrating David Bowie Shareable App.

Blog Chicks is an online magazine website on lifestyle matters, travel and fashion for the discerning blog reader on the web. The site also features all things from health, diet, fitness, home & garden matters right through to tips for selecting a chiropractor. There is something for everyone.

The Blog Chicks have responded to reader enquiries relating to new technology by commencing with a feature on the Celebrating David Bowie Shareable App.

Celebrating David Bowie is an ever-growing collection of Bowie friends, bandmates, & world class musicians performing epic career spanning concerts of Bowie music, Bowie-style! 2018 saw Celebrating David Bowie play Europe, the US, Canada, Mexico, Iceland with the addition of Todd Rundgren and full orchestra, and South America. 17 countries on 5 continents in less than three years.

Celebrating David Bowie will return to the road with a brand-new show and guests in 2022. The app is the number one place for exclusive content and updates on upcoming shows.

In advance of the feature being published, learn more about the Celebrating David Bowie app by download it here to get all the latest news, tour information, songs, videos, merchandise and lots more on all mobile devices.

Diane Muller, founder and content editor of Blog Chicks said this in her interview with Eleven Media “We have been experiencing great growth in visitors to our online magazine over recent years. We have listened to the feedback survey from our website visitors as to the content and experience they seek. We have seen the importance of also staying at the leading edge of technology to keep in touch with our clients the way they expect and to communicate in the best way possible the array of information we provide to our website visitors.”

The blog has been publish for over 10 years and is committed to meet client needs both in the information they provided readers and technology they use. The leading Australian online lifestyle magazine has a long history of keeping their readers aware of industry developments with regularly features on International & Australian industry sectors and companies.

Learn more about Blog Chicks and their array of lifestyle blogging features via their website here:

About Blog Chicks

Blog Chicks is an online lifestyle magazine and leading Australian online lifestyle magazine site for the discerning reader on the web, on all things from health, fitness, home and garden matters right through to tips for selecting a business coach or cosmetic dentist. Something for everyone.

Company: Blog Chicks

Contact Name: Diane Muller


Phone: +61-452-633-970

Address: Level 25, T3, 300 Barangaroo Ave. Barangaroo, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia



The irresistible beauty of flowers can be enhanced only by the way its arrangement in an artistic manner. Floral arrangements are a major element of the atmosphere of any given event whether a wedding, party, religious ceremony, or any other occasion in life.

Our good friends at Fresh Flowers, the online flower delivery Melbourne residents love, gave the Sydonia team these facts on the history of flower use for our readers.

The arrangement of flowers and foliage in baskets, vases, garlands, and other centrepieces using meticulously organized designs and matching colours is known as the art of flower arrangements. Floral arrangements should be a part of daily life and not reserved for special occasions as flowers can bring colour, beauty, fragrance as well as decoration to any formal or casual occasion.

The beauty of flower arrangement is as important as its history and a summary of the history of flower arrangement of various civilisations can be traced as follows:

Ancient Egyptians

Flower arranging is an art traceable from its roots back in Egypt. As early as 2800 BCE, Egyptians have been involved in floristry not just as a business but also as parts of their religious ceremonies.

Ancient Egyptians were traders who produced floral goods like wreaths, garlands, bowls, and other centrepieces. Florists were ordered by Egyptian royals to design these goods and organise burial processions and other ceremonies where flowers like roses, poppies, violets, jasmine were used. However, among all the flowers, the lotus blossom also known as water lily was given the highest regard. Lotus was often compared to the Sun god and used in tributes for the dead and as part of garlands for rituals and ceremonies.

The flower arrangement was a luxury only the Royals could afford, and they used flowers extensively for styling baskets and even vases. A systematic pattern can be observed in the flower arrangement design of the Egyptians. The flowers used within vases and garlands had a consistent design which was orderly, and the use of a supporting stick is followed till today.

At present, use of floral designs can be found extensively in Egyptian history through their culture, paintings, crockery, and architecture like walls of tombs dating back to the fifth century to Cleopatra’s time.

The Greeks and Romans

The Greeks and Romans used flowers more lavishly as compared to Egyptians. A higher significance was given to fragrance over the shape and colour of the flower. Flowers were part of not only religious rites and ceremonies but also a major part of the attire of the Greeks and Romans. Plants like olive branches, laurel, ivy, roses, etc. were part of royal processions, military victory, wedding proceedings, and every festival.

Olive crowns and laurel wreaths were a symbol of royalty and power as they were awarded to leaders, soldiers of high ranks, poets etc. Roses were given high regard due to their overwhelmingly strong fragrance, hence they were used extensively at meals, banquets. Furthermore, the women used flowers lavishly in their hair, for perfumed wreaths, and every citizen wore flowers on ceremonial occasions.


Flowers have been used for preparing medicines in China and as part of their religious teaching culture, since 207 BCE. In China, being a florist meant the position of profound respect and honour. Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism practitioners placed flowers on religious altars and even embodied flowers into their paintings, embroidered clothes, crockery as well as their scrolls and religious texts.

Since Buddhism forbids taking the life of a living creature, flowers were used sparingly for making baskets and other floral arrangements. The bamboo, pear, and peach trees along with tiger lilies, orchid, tulips and gerberas were held in high regards and considered symbols of fortune, wealth, and status.

The Japanese

Ikebana, which is one of the most popular Japanese flower arrangements, has been practised since the 7th century. The main principle of ikebana is minimalism or using the least number of flowers and not wasting even the stalks and leaves. The word “Ikebana” comes from the words “ikeru” meaning arrangement, and “HanaI” meaning flower.

There is a profound philosophy behind Ikebana arrangement of flowers, and the said arrangement has been divided into different schools over the centuries. When done with decorative purposes in mind, ikebana can be divided into Moribana, which is the decoration of flowers in a shallow dish, and Nageire that is decoration using a tall vase. There are several other arrangements, which vary depending upon the ceremony or the occasion.

The Medieval Period

In the medieval period, floristry was limited to the churches and monasteries. The shreds of evidence suggest that during middle age the arrangements of flowers included vases and garland and was normally preferred to freshen up the atmosphere. The middle age or dark age did not allow the art of floristry to extinct but of course, did not promote it as a culture. However, coming down to the modern period, it is evident that the culture of floristry has come out of the hibernation and has been a part of every glorious and extravagant celebration.

Fresh Flowers is the flower delivery Sydney residents love. Flower Delivery for all occasions - Birth Flowers Melbournenew parents and grand parents delight in right through to funeral flowers are created by the Fresh Flowers florists. Flowers for every occasion.


The Blog Chicks team came across this article written by 2 East Removals, a removalists Perth based business that home owners trust and they have agreed that we can publish it for our readers to learn from. We appreciate them allowing us to do this.Moving is undoubtedly stressful. There are dozens of tasks to complete, and all usually within a narrow timeframe. One important aspect this is frequently overlooked by people moving is making sure you book a removalist with the correct sized vehicle. The last thing you want on moving day is three or four trips back and forth in a truck that is far too small for your move. The question is, how do you select the right type of vehicle for your move? Read on for a decent guide based on your house size.Before I start, I will explain what a CBM is.CBMCBM stands for cubic metre. One cubic metre is one metre wide by one metre high by one metre long.To make this easier to envision for your move, I will list some furniture and their general cubic metres. I’ve also attached a video to help picture this is a removal truck more easily.

  • Book and Wine Carton: 0.1 cbm
  • Tea Chest Carton: 0.15 cbm
  • Double Bed and Mattress: 1.2 cbm
  • Queen Bed and Mattress: 1.8 cbm
  • Washing Machine: 0.6 cbm
  • Fridge: 1–1.5cbm
  • Three-Seater Couch: 1.5 cbm
  • BBQ: 0.75 cbm
  • Bookcase: 0.6 cbm
  • Piano: 2 cbm

Three-Tonne Truck

A three-tonne truck has a capacity of anywhere between 17 cbm and 25 cbm.

Can’t picture a three-tonne truck? Picture the small rental trucks companies such as Hertz and Thrifty hire out for people doing a DIY move. These trucks are common in removals because they don’t generally require a truck licence.

These trucks are great for poor-access areas, such as narrow driveways. They are also suitable for inner city moves to places like apartments because Perth City Council is very strict on parking larger trucks.

This size truck will generally fit belongings for a one- or two-bedroom property and small 3×1 Properties, such as a townhouse or duplex.

Five-Tonne Truck

A five-tonne truck is a good sized truck for most moves. Ranging from 30 cbm to 40 cbm, they can generally work in properties with poor access and are a lot more versatile than an eight- or ten-tonne trucks while still holding a good amount of furniture.

Suitable houses would be most 3×2 properties, such as townhouses, villas, and detached houses.

Eight-Tonne Truck 

Now we are getting into the larger sized trucks. Most suitable for houses with good access, such as a driveway or good street parking, eight-tonne trucks fit between 40 cbm and 50 cbm. Most come with a ramp or a large hydraulic lift. Make sure you go with a company that has one or the other.

These trucks are suitable for over 70% of four-bedroom family houses.

Ten- and Twelve-Tonne Truck

The largest available Pantech (closed roof) trucks you’ll see for house moves in Perth are ten- and twelve-tone trucks. They can range anywhere from 50 cbm to 65 cbm. Very few properties will need two trips with these trucks, and if you do, you either have to much stuff or a huge house!

These trucks are suitable for four- to six-bedroom houses with four to six occupants.

Thanks for reading and hope this information can help you select the right truck for your move.

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ATH Health

Profile: ATH Health is an innovative life sciences company that has developed a novel over the counter self-test kit called My Cell Health


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