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Desperate to be ethical? Try the B Corporation seal of approval – The Times


Companies keen to show off their sustainable track records are signing up

Jessi Baker of Provenance: ‘It was hard to find out where products came from’VICKI COUCHMAN

While studying for a doctorate in computer science, Jessi Baker became obsessed with using technology to discover the provenance of what she was consuming — from food to make-up.

“I’m a bit of a supply chain geek and I like to know more about products and where they come from,” said Baker, 35. “I had become an increasingly conscious consumer. I was really surprised it was so hard to find data about brands and products and where they come from.”

Her start-up seeks to change that. Baker co-founded Provenance six years ago, first running it as a side project while studying at University College London. It has developed software to analyse brands’ supply chains and verify that claims on sustainability and social responsibility can be…

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