Google Australia boss blasts tech industry for ‘glacial’ progress on hiring women


Australia has a “huge representation issue” with a lack of women in jobs like coding and technology, according to Google Australia and New Zealand managing director Mel Silva, who is pushing for businesses to focus on inclusion and diversity.

Ms Silva, who started her career “surrounded by amazing female leaders”, said the search giant has made diversity a focus at every stage of its hiring processes and is pushing for additional robotics and technology education for children so girls consider these careers from a young age.

Google Australia managing director Mel Silva.

Google Australia managing director Mel Silva.Credit:Kate Geraghty

“We think about it [gender diversity] at every single point at hiring, at interviews, at sourcing for interviews, at the sorts of panels that interview people, the sorts of questions you ask,” she said.

“And then once you’re inside how do you help grow and retain and provide the right kind of capability building for female leaders.”